Статьи – Vegetation and flora of Sehlabathebe National Park, Lesotho

Vegetation and flora of Sehlabathebe National Park, Lesotho

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DOI: 10.1134/S0006813619060073
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Авторы: Kopij G., Hoener F.

Название на английском: Vegetation and flora of Sehlabathebe National Park, Lesotho

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Sehlabathebe National Park (SNP) with the surface of 6805 ha was proclaimed on 27 February 1970. It is situated in the Qacha’s Nek district, Lesotho, southern Africa (latitudes 29°52'–29°58' and longitudes 29°02'–29°08'). The geological formations of SNP represent
geological processes spanning a period in excess of 200 million years, i.e. from the Triassic period to the present. The park as a whole can be subdivided into three distinct geological formations: sedimentary materials as represented by a variety of sandstones, mudstones and shales; igneous materials represented by the Drakensberg basalt flows; and intrusive igneous rocks as represented by the numerous dolerite and sills. Major soil types in SNP include: Lekholong-Rock outcrop complex (6744 acres, i.e. 37.7% of the park surface), Lekholong loams (11.6%) and Rockland sandstone (10.5%). The water of SNP can be divided into: a) rivers, streams; b) oxbow ponds; c) marshes and bogs; d) rock pools; e) man-made dams. SNP includes two watersheds: Leqooa River and Tsoelikane River. SNP can be divided into four habitat units and several subunits: grassland (75%) with Themeda grassland,
Themeda-Stiburus grassland, and Pentaschistis grassland; wetland (10%) with marsh land, stream and river banks, bogs, ponds and rock pools; rock land (10%) with outcrops, crevices/overhangs, dolerite dykes and ridges and rocky slopes; and disturbed land (5%) with kraals, tracks, road shoulders and old fields. A total of 596 different species and sub-species of vascular plants represented 74 families and 270 genera have so far been recorded in SNP. Four families appear particularly significant: Poaceae (42 genera and 63 species), Cyperaceae (12 genera and over 25 species), Asteraceae (45 genera and 143 species) and Orchidaceae
(12 genera and 40 species).

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